About Us

Ilion Medical Inc. is a medical device manufacturing company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota that was founded by Orthopedic surgeon Dr. John G. Stark in 2008.  Ilion’s priority is to provide a solution for sacroiliac joint (SIJ) pain that incorporates a surgical technique which is intuitive, teachable, revisable and reproducible.  This technique has the potential to transform the lives of millions worldwide.

Ilion's Commitment to Awareness

The sacroiliac joint can become severely painful.  There is a need for awareness of sacroiliac joint pathology and treatment options within the medical community.  Because of the similar clinical presentation, patients with surgical-level sacroiliac joint pain are at great risk for receiving lumbar surgery, when they really need SIJ intervention.  Many patients with severe SIJ pain are unreasonably rejected as surgical candidates, suffer unsuccessful treatment in pain clinics or continue to suffer without support, having given up on treatment altogether. 

Ilion is committed to spreading the awareness of the proper diagnosis and treatment of the sacroiliac joint. Our founder, Dr. Stark saw the clinical need for an SIJ solution in his surgical practice.  The Ilion sacroiliac joint fusion technique was developed after a careful review of past techniques, intense anatomical study and incorporates over 20 years of sacroiliac surgical experience
Ilion’s Technology
Ilion’s strong IP controls the superior method for approaching and instrumenting the painful SIJ.

Ilion’s initial product is licensed to a German company under the Trademark name of DIANA®.  

Ilion’s Gen II product NADIA® has enhanced features which include:
  • Instruments that have been praised for their finesse and elegance making Implant insertion is both intuitive and interesting.  
  • A combination of titanium plasma spray (TPS) and hydroxyapatite (HA) coating to engage the bone at both microscopic and macroscopic levels.
  • Pin-guided instrumentation provides for consistent, dependable placement of the implant.
  • Revisability is built into the implant design; a larger size can be placed in the same location with the same familiar approach if revision is necessary.

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